Sunday, 26 September 2010

Character Archetype Notes

So in our first character design class, we went over some generic characteristics that can be found within three different archetypes, particulary found in Disney...

Hero's usually have a broader frame, and phsyically fit within reason, so they don't come across as too overpowering. This also acts as a way for us, the audience to relate to their 'Humanity', and connect on a more 'personal level'. They have, or aquire throughout the story, some sort of high status in society, such as Knights, Princes' etc. following the theme of purity and being a 'protector'. Their colour pallet, usually involves alot of lighter/primary colours, to futher encompass their goodness. Thier body language usually consits of long strides, chest out, and tonally quite 'serious'. I'm not to sure wether this is specifically a 'Disney' style or not, but the generally also seem to have a fine lock of hair, and a cloak!

These generally appear as a tag along, and are usually petite/smaller in height, in comparison to the Hero. There style is usually quite 'animal' like, in the sense that could either be an actualy animal, or have characteristcs of one, i.e cute, funny, even their movement, which is quite rubbery, flexible.
They carry alot of 'busy' body language, always moving, exciteable and as a result, come across more commonly as the 'comedic element' in the story. Their design is also alot more simplier than other, to futher highlight their 'unimportance' in comparison to other characters.

A Villans body is possibly the most interesting out of these three 'Archetypes' I found. They genreal appearence usually tend to consist of very dark, dull colours, such as greys, purples, blues, conveying very cold hues, to give an obvious relfection of their personality.
Their clothing seems to be very dark also, hanging/draping from their bodies, which makes it very difficult to 'see' their identity, another relfection of the 'sneakyness'.Their bodies itself, have very 'exaggerated features, that appear elongated and 'drained of colour' to unatural tones. It seems paramount that a Villan go through some sort of 'transformation' during the story, into somthing darker/detestful and animal like, making us less and less relative to them, as they become less and less 'human'. Maleficent (From Sleeping Beauty) for instance, changes into a black dragon.
Body language is key when it comes to Villans, as they are very 'decieving/cunning' they use alot of 'hand gestures/slight of hand', with twisting them slowly, in such a way, it is as though they are concealing somthing from us carefully.

I found, that whilst searching for traits in each different character, that there was indeed a simmilarity between them, somthing of which I wouldn't have realised unless I was told there were some.

All in all, a very interesting lesson :)

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