Friday, 16 September 2011

3rd Year: Minor Project Transcription Idea Part 2

After taking advice from Phil and turning towards already established La Femme Fatale's, in the form of fabled Demoness's, Spirits, Monsters. These particular fabled females, and the stories surrounding them will not only give me the chance to adapt it to futuristic setting, creating a twist on what is already established, but also give me the grounds to have a fuller story and deeper sense of character, with the origin points in time and location lending towards the design aspect, grounding it even more.

Already having such a strong, sexual character deeply rooted into this idea, It was important that I searched for a character that matched up to what I had already imagined, even if the scenario differs. There were many that fitted the description, however I felt these were possibly the most interesting out of them all.

Character 1: The Succubus

Probably the most well known sex demon, the Succubus is a female demon who assumes the form of an attractive seductress in order to seduce men, usually while they are asleep. Drawing energy from men in order to sustain themselves often until the point of exhaustion or death, in medieval times this was normally described as my 'drinking' their breath, which was often associated as a part of a person spirit, in doing so they were stealing there 'soul'. 

They are also associated with hypnotic powers giving them the ability to command and compel the male. It is generally believed that the Succubus legend came about as a result of the medieval preoccupation with sin, especially sexual sins of women,

Character 2: The Rusalki

According to most Slavic traditions, the Rusalki were either female ghosts, water nymphs, succubi or fish-women, who lived at the bottom of rivers and lakes. She was considered a being of evil force, the ghostly version is the soul of a young woman who had died in or near a lake. Such as young women who commit suicide because they have been jilted by their lovers, or unmarried women who are pregnant out of wedlock, living out their designated time on earth as a spirit and haunting the river/lake.

The eyes shine like green fire with extremely pale and translucent skin, and no visible pupils. Her hair is sometimes depicted as green or golden, and often perpetually wet. The Rusalka could not live long on dry land, but with her comb she was always safe, for it gave her the power to conjure water when she needed it. According to some legends, should the rusalka's hair dry out, she will die.

In the middle of the night they would walk out to the bank and dance in the meadows. If they saw men they would fascinate them with songs and dancing, mesmerise them and then lead the man away to the river floor to his death. While her primary dwelling place was the body of water in which she died, the rusalka could come out of the water at night, climb a tree, and sit there singing songs, sit on a dock and comb her hair, or join other rusalki in circle dances.

Character 3: TheYuki-Onna


The Yuki-Onna is an irresistible feminine entity in Japanese folklore. She manifests in remote areas during snowstorms. As is common in folklore, the exact characteristics of the yuki-onna vary according to the particular tale. She normally appears as a tall, beautiful woman with long unbound hair and pale skin. She is commonly clad in a pure white kimono. Some accounts depict her without feet (a common characteristic of Japanese ghosts); and some stories describe her with glowing eyes that can mesmerise any person who gazes upon her face. 

In some stories her pubic hair is visible against the white of her robes and the snow, and in others it is a splattering of blood on her robe that is visible. This ghost only is seen when it is snowing, which, with her pale white skin, all but obscures her from view.

Despite her beauty, the yuki-onna has deadly intentions. She kills by breathing a gust of frigid air on her victims freezing them solid, drinking their blood, or leading them astray to remote areas die from exposure. The Yuki-Onna may lure men with sexual temptations, only to drain them of life when any amorous act is consummated. She may even pretend to be holding an infant. When a person takes the infant from her, he or she is instantly frozen to death.

From these 3 characters, although all loosely involve the theme of the 'Succubus' (which I think is the most successful way to characterise a La Femme Fatale from my original idea), I can't help but feel more drawn to Transcribing Yuki-Onna. I feel her character has the most depth and potential to be adapted into a futuristic scenario. In fact whilst reading up on this individual, I could imagine combining her characteristics into my original idea based off the Celldweller track, as there are quite a few similarities, such as the sexual involvement with an isolated male, in a cold environment. 

That said, I aim to research further into the theme of 'La Femme Fatale', as well as looking into the tales that involve the Yuki-Onna, taking influence form them and either adapting it to my previous scenario, or pushing it into another futuristic setting.  Whilst exploring this I will also be compiling some influence maps inspired by Traditional Japanese Art & Folklore Illustrations, as well as Synthetic/Cyborg Females in order to anchor future concepts, and come in Monday with some visuals.

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